New Mexico Lotteries and Permit Systems

Rio Chama Wild and Scenic River

Rio Chama Lottery Application for a Weekend Launch
The BLM uses a lottery system to reserve weekend (Friday-Saturday) launch dates from April 15 through September 15 and uses to purchase and issue all permits between April 15 through September 15. Please note that for a launch before of April 15 and after September 15, you must fill out and pay $5 per person (EXACT CHANGE or check) through the self-registration permit box. The maximum group size is 16. Groups can not be split up in an attempt to circumvent the maximum group size of 16. Fire pans and all other required equipment must be shown at the boat ramp during check-in. Failure to have the required equipment will prevent the launch of the party.

Information about the Rio Chama Wild and Scenic River

Carrizozo Land Partnership

Public lands managed by the BLM between the Carrizozo Lava Flow and the White Sands Missile Range can only be reached by crossing private land. The Carrizozo Land Partnership, a partnership between the BLM, private land owners and ranchers of this area, has arranged for public access to BLM lands in this area by a vehicle pass process.

Carrizozo Land Partnership Vehicle Pass

Information about the Carrizozo Land Partnership