Firefighter walking through burn area


BLM Fire Program cares for our people and public lands as the world’s premier wildland fire program. Our  mission is to provide the BLM superior leadership, management and operational capability in all areas of fire and aviation in order to accomplish the full range of BLM resource management activities. 

The Bureau of Land Management Fire program (BLM Fire) is the largest and most complex fire program within the Department of the Interior (DOI). The BLM represents 61% of DOI’s fire-related workforce and is directly responsible for fire management on more than 245 million acres of public lands, predominantly in the western United States and Alaska; wildfire is prevalent across much of this landscape. This land is commonly intermixed with other federal, state and local jurisdictions, making partnerships and collaborative efforts crucial to the mission of safety and fire management. Overall, BLM Fire implements fire protection on approximately 650 million acres of public land with other fire management agencies. 

Wildland fire suppression operations and life and safety continue to be the top priority for the BLM.