What We Do

The BLM is responsible for fire management on 245 million acres of public land across the United States. The agency’s fire management staff provides wildland fire protection of natural resources, as well as using fire to improve the health of the land. The number one goal of the BLM Fire program is firefighter and public safety.  

The BLM Fire program is comprised of the following major components:

  • Aviation – Aircraft operation support for wildfire and resource management missions
  • Community Assistance – Mitigation/prevention, education, and outreach
  • Fire Planning – Utilization of science, management direction, and objectives into a variety of planning products that are used to conduct on the ground wildland fire operations
  • Fuels Management – Protecting communities and natural resources while providing for local economic opportunities
  • Honor Guard – Uniformed employees who display honor and appreciation for those who die in the line of duty
  • Recruitment – Announcement of open jobs within BLM related to all aspects of firefighting
  • Safety – Fire management plans and activities that reflect safety of public and staff
  • Training – Critical training required to effectively and efficiently fight fire
  • Wildland Fire Operations – Wildland fire suppression, wildland fire preparedness, National Interagency Coordination Center, National Interagency Fire Center, predictive services, and qualifications