Rural Fire Readiness

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Cooperative partnerships between the BLM, volunteer fire departments, rural fire departments, rangeland fire protection associations, and similar organizations are crucial to safe and effective wildfire response on private, state, tribal and federal lands affecting grazing, recreational, wildlife, and other values important to local economies. Therefore, the BLM Oregon and Washington actively promotes its Rural Fire Readiness program.

The Rural Fire Readiness program is dedicated to enhancing the firefighting capabilities of our wildland firefighting partners by providing wildland fire training, equipment, including supplies and communication devices.

To participate in the BLM’s Rural Fire Readiness program cooperators are encouraged to work with their local BLM district fire management staff prior to applying. If you are unsure of your BLM office, contact Larae Guillory, Fire Operations Specialist, at 458-218-1598.

Cooperators must meet all the requirements below to be considered for BLM Rural Fire Readiness equipment transfers:

  • Have an existing cooperative fire response agreement with the BLM;
  • Serve a rural community or area;
  • Have wildland fire protection responsibilities;
  • Is in the vicinity of, or within, the wildland urban interface, or an established Rangeland Fire Protection Association;
  • Be near BLM-administered lands and respond to wildland fires in support of BLM when available and as needed; and
  • Provides a benefit to the BLM.

Apply for wildland firefighting vehicles, equipment, and supplies at the Rural Fire Readiness Application page.

Rural Fire Readiness Application page

The cut-off period for applications is March 29 this year. The PDF applications need to be turned into BLM fire management staff at the local BLM office. Applications are reviewed annually by the local districts following the close of the application period.

For additional information please contact your local BLM fire management staff:

Burns: Brett Morefield, 541-260-4113

Coos Bay: Spencer Gregory, 541-671-1816

Lakeview: Jesse Morris, 541-219-1671

Medford: Chris Glode, 541-618-2241

Northwest Oregon: Dan Eddy, 541-207-2846

Prineville: Nate LeFevre, 541-255-6595

Roseburg: Spencer Gregory, 541-671-1816

Spokane: Lonnie Newton, 208-501-4019

Vale: Marc Johnson, 541-589-3028

Program Lead, State Office: Larae Guillory, 458-218-1598



Rural Fire Readiness Equipment Transfer