Utah Rangeland Management and Grazing

Utah BLM currently manages approximately 1410 grazing allotments covering 22 million acres of BLM land in the State. Many of Utah's BLM grazing allotments are "common" allotments where more than one permittee is authorized to use the allotment.  Grazing on these allotments is authorized through the issuance of 1,462 grazing permits and provide for just over 1.3 million animal unit months (AUMs) of livestock use. The renewal of these permits continues to be a major workload as the expire on a 10 year cycle.  Utah's rangeland management program remains focused on maintaining and improving range conditions throughout the State by assessing Utah's Rangeland Health Standards, monitoring range conditions, and making necessary adjustments to livestock management.

Cows and their calfs walk through a grassland on a cold fall morning.