The BLM’s work in plant conservation and management is done in partnership with all BLM programs and in cooperation with other federal and state agencies, industry, and the American people to achieve its goals. There are lots of exciting ways to get involved with plant conservation! 

If you're looking for ways to learn more about native plants, volunteer opportunities, resources for gardening with native plants, or community science projects, check out In Your Backyard.

If you're exploring a career in botany, plant conservation, or restoration, check out Professional Development to discover internships and training opportunities. You can also learn how some of our BLM botanists and ecologists came to love plants and find their current career by clicking on the Plant People link below.

There are many different pathways to explore when considering a career in plants. Learn how some of our current BLM botanists and ecologists came to work for BLM and what sparked their interest in plants in this Story Map.
Two smiling young women sit on a sandy hill surrounded by sparse grasses and other vegetation.
Learn about some of our partner organizations on this Story Map.
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