Quaking Aspen trees in the Santa Rosa-Paradise Peak Wilderness area. Photo by Scott Moore

BLM Nevada Forests and Woodlands

A variety of Forestry permits may be available at Nevada BLM District or Field Offices. The permits are sold under a variety of fee schedules and the regulations covering the permit will differ by area and forestry product. 

Campfire permits are required year-round by the US Forest Service in Nevada and California. To assist outdoor recreation enthusiasts with obtaining a permit at no charge, a permit can be acquired at any BLM or Forest Service Office in Nevada and California. Once a campfire permit has been obtained, it is still recommended that local and state-wide fire restrictions be checked before building a fire.

Harvesting forest products from certain areas (Wilderness, Wilderness Study Areas, and campgrounds) is generally not allowed, one exception to this is the hand collection of pinyon pine nuts for personal use. You may obtain permits/contracts for harvesting forest products by stopping in your local BLM office, or some offices also offer a permit thru the mail system. Forest products must be paid for in advance of harvest, and the permits or contracts are required to be in possession while harvesting and transporting.  To transport Forest Products within the State of Nevada you are required to have proof-of-ownership (which can be the contract or permit), and you may also be required to have a State transportation permit (shipping permit). An example of when a State transportation permit is required is when someone is transporting more than 5 Christmas trees at one time. Many offices also require “load tickets” to be attached to the product, in a visible location, when transporting firewood. 

Point of Contact

BLM Nevada State Office
Telephone: 775-861-6500