Spring Creek Canyon WSA includes a portion of the Hurricane Cliffs, an impressive west-facing escarpment that extends from north of Cedar City into northwestern Arizona. Two major canyons, Kanarra and Spring Creek, bisect the WSA with elevations ranging from 5,600 feet at the base of the cliffs to almost 7,900 feet on the ridge tops. Vegetation consists primarily of juniper, scrub oak, shrubs, and grasses; however, along the riparian zone, sedges, rushes, cottonwoods, and willows are prevalent. The area provides habitat for various birds of prey such as the bald eagle and peregrine falcon as well as many other animals and at least four plant species that are considered sensitive.

Visitation Information

The entire WSA is best accessed from the town of Kanarraville, located approximately 12 miles south of Cedar City. To access Spring Creek Canyon, drive south on US Hwy 91. Just before the south edge of Kanarraville, turn left/east onto Spring Creek Road (a dirt track). You can park just off of the route. Kanarra Creek Canyon is located approximately one mile north of Spring Creek Canyon. To access Kanarra Creek Canyon, drive east along 100 North Street in Kanarraville to the end of the pavement, then turn left/north into the city parking lot.

Visitor Advisory

Access to the upper portion of the Spring Creek Canyon access road is very rough and ¼ mile to the east of the lower parking area.