The WSA consists of the broken, mountainous land mass known as Diamond Mountain, part of the eastern extension of the Uinta Range. A dominant feature of the area is a series of northeast-southwest trending mountain peaks with ridges, steep draws, and canyons draining north and south. This series of colorful, rugged red sand stone ridges “break” toward the Green River to the north in Browns Park. The diverse vegetative communities range from sagebrush and pinyon-juniper woodlands to aspen, mountain brush, Douglas fir, limber pine, and Ponderosa pine forests. Significant cultural resources such as rock art, granaries, rock shelters, and lithic scatter sites related to prehistoric and historic occupation can be found in the WSA.

Visitation Information

Located in Moffat County, CO and Dagget County, UT, approximately 65 miles northwest of Maybell, CO.

Visitor Advisory

Visitors should come prepared for backcountry conditions and adequately prepare for their trip. Knowledge of weather, terrain, and physical conditions can help ensure safety.