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At 290,845 acres, the Desolation Canyon Wilderness Study Area is the largest WSA managed by BLM in the contiguous 48 states. The 84 mile segment of the Green River through Desolation and Gray canyons is the most prominent feature. The WSA has an extensive system of deep canyons. The canyon at Rock Creek is more than 1 mile deep. The WSA contains arches, pinnacles, and other erosional remnants not known to occur elsewhere in the Wasatch Formation in similar concentrations or settings. Vegetation is diverse, ranging from desert to high mountain types in a distance of only 5-10 miles.

Visitation Information

Located in parts of Carbon, Emery, and Grand Counties, about 6 miles north of Green River, UT.

Visitor Advisory

Visitors should come prepared for backcountry conditions and adequately prepare for their trip. Knowledge of weather, terrain, and physical conditions can help ensure safety.

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Green River District: Desolation Canyon Wilderness Study Area