The Worm Creek WSA, 40 acres, is located 15 miles southwest of Montpelier, Idaho. The WSA includes 40 acres of public land. Boundaries of the WSA are associated with the U.S. Forest Service Worm Creek Wilderness proposal on the west and south sides. Private lands are adjacent to the WSA on the east and north. The WSAs topography varies from bench land to steep hillsides. Elevation ranges from 6,500 feet to 7,200 feet. The surrounding terrain contains high elevation basins and steep mountain terrains. Several peaks on the main ridge near the WSA exceed 9,000 feet in elevation. Vegetation varies from tree-dominated ecotype to brush land at the higher elevations. The lower moister northern portion of the area supports dense stand of aspen, Douglas-fir, and lodgepole pine mix. Understory species include mountain maple, Oregon grape, pinegrass, snowberry, willow, and serviceberry. Suitable habitat for deer, elk, and variety of birds and small mammals are available throughout the small tract.

Visitation Information

Access to the Worm Creek WSA is via the Bloomington Canyon Road west of the town of Bloomington, Idaho. There is a U.S. Forest Service day-use area in Bloomington Canyon. The public can park at the day-use area and hike .5 miles up the mountain side south of the parking area. The WSA boundary is marked with signage.

Visitor Advisory

Hiking to the WSA can be difficult. The terrain from the parking area is uneven with steep slopes. There is also a water crossing on Bloomington Creek. Bloomington Canyon road is not maintained nor has snow removal during the winter months.