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The Raven's Eye WSA has three prominent volcanic cones including Spud Butte, Broken Top Butte and an unnamed cone north of Wagon Butte. The Craters of the Moon lava flow covers over half of the WSA. The younger flow has a rough, undulating surface broken by numerous pressure ridges, lava cascades, subsidence craters, lava blisters and other volcanic features.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages more than 67,000 acres of public lands in the Raven's Eye Wilderness Study Area. The WSA has outstanding wilderness values, geological features of special interest, and outstanding opportunities for a variety of recreation activities, including hiking, camping, hunting, caving, photography, and nature study. The combination of rugged terrain, lack of reliable water sources, absence of recreational facilities and the WSA's size add challenge and risk to the recreational opportunities.

Visitor Advisory

Raven's Eye WSA is accessible via unmaintained two-track roads. Visitors should consult a map and be prepared for rugged backcountry driving and hiking over rough open lava.