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vast view of a deep canyon with lush green vegetation surrounding the river below. Blue sky




The Lower Salmon Falls Creek Wilderness Study Area is in Twin Falls County about 40 miles southwest of Twin Falls, Idaho. The Wilderness Study Area is 3,500 acres. The WSA is essentially natural with limited human imprints. However, a few impacts on naturalness of the area consist of a some illegal garbage/litter dumps located just below the the rim on the north end of the WSA. The canyon provides habitat for a large number of plants and animals within a small natural ecosystem. Northern high desert plant species dominate the talus slopes of the canyon, while juniper, willow, and other riparian-associated vegetation dominate the canyon bottom. From the rim of the canyon, the WSA does offer scenic views of the 300 - 600 feet deep canyon.

Visitation Information

Opportunities for primitive recreation consist of upland and waterfowl hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, hiking, sightseeing, and nature photography. Access routes into the canyon consist of very few undeveloped trails or passages into the canyon. Trail use is basically found near the vehicle access routes paralleling the rim or near the two ends of the WSA where major roads are less than one-half miles away. The steep terrain of the WSA limits the location and number of access routes into the canyon, providing better opportunities for unconfined and primitive recreation activities.

Visitor Advisory

Visitors should come prepared for backcountry conditions and adequately prepare for their trip. Knowledge of weather, terrain, and physical conditions can help ensure safety.