The Little Deer WSA has two distinct landforms. One is an older lava flow covered by wind-deposited soils up to five feet deep. This terrain is gently rolling with little topographic relief. An extremely rugged, young lava flow covers the rest of the WSA. This "aa" (Hawaiian word for "hard on the feet") lava flow has a clinkery, jagged and broken surface. The Little Deer WSA offers opportunities to study primary succession, vegetation indigenous to new lava and the geology of lava flows.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages over 33,000 acres of public lands in Little Deer Wilderness Study Area, located within Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. The rugged volcanic features and desert environment of this area provide opportunities for hiking, camping and hunting.

Visitor Advisory

Little Deer WSA can be accessed via unmaintained two-track roads near Carey, Idaho. Visitors should consult a map, and be prepared for rugged backcountry hiking.