The Little City of Rocks WSA is one of five within the Mount Bennett Hills, a belt of rolling foothills between the Sawtooth Mountains to the north and the Snake River Plains to the south. Most of the WSA is gently sloping plain with several rhyolite bluffs. The area's name is derived from the unusual rock formations that appear like stacks of coins, mushroom caps, arches, fins and pillars called "hoodoos". Elk, deer, coyote, birds of prey and upland game can be found here.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages nearly 6,000 acres of public lands in the Little City of Rock Wilderness Study Area. Opportunities for solitude are available in parts of the WSA, primary among the welded tuff rock formations. The WSA offers a diversity of primitive recreation opportunities, namely photography, camping and nature study. The rock formations are also the focal point for the primitive recreation opportunities. Most existing recreation use consists of day hiking, pleasure driving and mountain bike riding.

Visitor Advisory

The Little City of Rocks WSA is easily accessible by road from State Highway 46. This route will accommodate most passenger vehicles if driven carefully, but a high clearance vehicle is recommended. The access route crosses private property and is closed when wet.