The King Hill WSA, which includes King Hill Creek, contains scenic, highly convoluted topography with a maze of drainages, ridges, hills and peaks. The size of King Hill Creek WSA, in combination with the good-to-excellent topographic and vegetative screening, provides outstanding opportunities for solitude in most of the area.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages over 29,000 acres of public lands in the King Hill Creek WSA. The area's natural features attract visitors interested in backpacking, day hiking, nature photography, wildlife viewing, fishing, hunting and rockhounding. The maze of drainages, ridges, hills and peaks provides excellent potential for dispersed recreation.

Visitor Advisory

King Hill Creek WSA is most easily accessed via Dempsey Meadows Road in the north, and BLM road near King Hill, Idaho in the south. The condition of these two roads varies seasonally and can be muddy, washed out, or impassable even by four wheel drive vehicle. Visitors should be prepared for remote, unmaintained backcountry two-track roads and rugged backcountry hiking in canyons.