Henrys Lake Wilderness Study Area


In Idaho, BLM manages 350 acres of public lands in the Henry's Lake Wilderness Study Area. Lush riparian vegetation like rose aspen, willow, serviceberry and snowberry follow the creek. Sagebrush, bitterbrush, and grasses such as needlegrass, mountain brome, fescue, and prairie junegrass grow on the slopes. Throughout much of the late spring and summer wildflowers like lupine, paintbrush, cinquefoil, buckwheat, arrowleaf balsamroot, common yarrow, geranium, gilia, monkeyflower, Oregon grape, pearly everlasting, and asters cover the slopes. Black bear, elk, moose, deer, grizzly bear and variety of birds call this area home.

Visitation Information

Located in Fremont County, 13 miles north and east of Macks Inn near the junction of Highways 287 and 20.

Visitor Advisory

Private property surrounds this WSA, it is inaccessible to the public.