Hawley Mountain
Tan mountain with shrubbery in forefront. Top of hill consists of dark green shrubs.


The Hawley Mountain WSA is an isolated mountain within the Little Lost River Valley between the Lemhi Mountain Range to the east and the Big Lost Mountain Range to the west.  The WSA’s physical character is steep and mountainous with well-defined drainages fanning out in all directions.  The higher peaks and ridges are dominated by rock cliffs and talus slopes. Douglas-fir, limber pine, and mountain mahogany blanket areas at the higher elevations, while the lower slopes are dominated by sagebrush, grasses, and forbs. Drainage bottoms support perennial semi-wet meadow communities of grasses and sedges.  Wildlife species that dominate the area include deer, antelope, elk and sage grouse.  Hunting is an outstanding recreational activity within the WSA.  Hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing are also available here.  

Visitation Information

From Mackay, ID, drive Highway 93 south approximately 7 ½ miles to Pass Creek Road.  Turn left and drive north on Pass Creek Road (gravel) approximately 22 miles to the intersection with a gravel road.  Take the right fork, and drive approximately ¾ mile to the intersection with a gravel road.  Take the right fork and drive approximately ½ mile to the edge of the WSA which is on the right side if the road.

Visitor Advisory

There are no designated parking areas. Pull over along side the road where it’s safe (avoid places where space is limited or visibility is poor, such as a hill, etc.).  Do not drive off road.