In Idaho, BLM manages 350 acres of public lands in the Henry's Lake Wilderness Study Area. Lush riparian vegetation like rose aspen, willow, serviceberry and snowberry follow the creek. Sagebrush, bitterbrush, and grasses such as needlegrass, mountain brome, fescue, and prairie junegrass grow on the slopes. Throughout much of the late spring and summer wildflowers like lupine, paintbrush, cinquefoil, buckwheat, arrowleaf balsamroot, common yarrow, geranium, gilia, monkeyflower, Oregon grape, pearly everlasting, and asters cover the slopes. Black bear, elk, moose, deer, grizzly bear and variety of birds call this area home.

Visitation Information

Located in Bonneville and Bingham Counties ten miles southwest of Idaho Falls, Idaho. There are three trailheads located adjacent to the WSA. Two trailheads are located on the northbound and southbound rest areas off I-15. These two trailheads provide access to two small interpretive loops located on the lava flow outside the WSA. These trails provide the public the opportunity to view the lava flow. Members of the public could access the WSA from the trail on the south bound rest area. It requires walking cross-country over the lava flow. The third trailhead is located 20 miles west of Idaho Falls off Highway 26. BLM maintains a small parking area with interpretive signs and a portable toilet. A trail is marked on the lava flow out to one of the vents.

Visitor Advisory

There are no marked trails in this WSA along the eastern edge. Visitors must possess knowledge and skill in cross country hiking and navigation on a lava flow. The lava flow has a very uneven surface; with cracks, crevices, vents and sharp rocks. A trail is marked from the 20-mile trailhead out to one of the vents located in the lava flow.