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The Gooding City of Rocks West WSA contains gently sloping prairie on the south face of the Bennett Hills includes canyons with basalt bluffs, arches, pillars and hoodoos. Shaded canyons support pockets of willows, aspen, cottonwood, serviceberry and chokecherry. Wildlife species include elk, deer, coyotes, bear, birds of prey and upland game birds.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages over 6,000 acres of public lands in the Gooding City of Rocks West Wilderness Study Area. The WSA offers exceptional scenery and a diversity of spectacular landforms. These landforms include columns, hoodoos, arches and monoliths which display weathering processes and structural anomalies that are picturesque and unusual. Opportunities exist within the WSA for photography, hiking, camping, wildlife observation, nature study, horseback riding, fishing and hunting as well as many other activities.

Visitor Advisory

Gooding City of Rocks West WSA is most easily accessed via Davis Mountain Road/City of Rocks Road north of Gooding, Idaho. Visitors should consult map and expect rugged backcountry canyons accessible only by unmaintained two-track roads.