The Gooding City of Rocks East WSA is located in the Mount Bennett Hills, a rolling belt of foothills between the Sawtooth Mountains to the north and the Snake River Plain to the south. Portions of the WSA contain a series of deep canyons carved into rhyolite. Throughout these canyons are rhyolite columns which rise more than 100 feet. Here you will find unusual rock formations called hoodoos. Although the rock types are not the same, the rock formations in the City of Rocks rival those found in Utah's Arches National Park. The WSA contains special ecological, geological, and cultural features of scientific and educational values.

Visitation Information

In Idaho, BLM manages nearly 15,000 acres of public lands in the Gooding City of Rocks East Wilderness Study Area. The WSA offers exceptional scenery and a diversity of spectacular landforms. These landforms include columns, hoodoos, arches and monoliths which display weathering processes and structural anomalies that are picturesque and unusual. Opportunities exist within the WSA for photography, hiking, camping, wildlife observation, nature study, horseback riding, fishing and hunting as well as many other activities.

Visitor Advisory

Gooding City of Rocks East WSA is most easily accessed via David Mountain Road/City of Rocks Road north of Gooding, Idaho. Visitors should expect rugged backcountry canyons accessible only by unmaintained two track roads.