lake with reflection of conifer trees with a blue sky and scattered clouds


The Crystal Lake WSA sits at the top of the St. Joe Divide separating the St. Joe and Coeur d’Alene Rivers’ watersheds.  The area is culturally important to the Coeur d' Alene Indians.  The WSA ranges in landform and vegetation from heavily forested creek bottoms to bare alpine peaks, which provide a broad base of environments supporting recreational and scenic interest.  This area is important for its wildlife habitat and includes deer, elk, moose, and bear.  The recreational focal points of the WSA are Crystal Lake, a 6 acre glacial cirque lake, and Reeds Baldy, a prominent alpine peak.  Visitors value the area for its scenery, hiking, hunting, and fishing opportunities.  As a Special Rules fishing area to maintain the fishery, trout fishing in Crystal Lake is limited to artificial lures/flies with barbless hooks with a limit of 2, none under 20 inches.  Berry picking, camping, cross-country skiing, and observing fall colors are also popular activities here. 

Visitation Information

From the Caltaldo exit on Interstate 90, Drive the Latour Creek Road.  The Latour Creek Road is paved for the first 2.5 miles, then turns to gravel.  At 9.5 miles, a main intersection occurs, stay right as the road becomes the Rochat Road (just past the intersection is a sign indicating the Rochat Road).  At 16.5 miles the road crosses over a divide where there are numerous logging roads.  Stay on the main road and at 19.8 miles you will arrive at the Sheep Springs camping area and the Crystal Lake trailhead.  The trail is 2 miles to the lake, and is steep and rocky. pdf map

Visitor Advisory

The Rochat Road is narrow and has few turnouts.  It is not suitable for camp trailers or low ground clearance vehicles.