Battle Creek Wild and Scenic River

Battle Creek Wild and Scenic River

Battle Creek flows through a narrow, extremely meandering 200 foot deep canyon.  The canyon consists of nearly continuous vertical walls of rhyolite which are about 1/8 mile apart.  Over the next 20 miles the canyon will widen to no more than 3/8 miles across and deepen to as much as 500 feet.  Tucked between the cliffs and stream channel is a lush riparian area of willow, chokecherry, dogwood, alder, rose, currant, sedges and greases.  Battle Creek is floatable for experienced boaters and also provides a beautiful hike for those floating the Owyhee River.

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23.4 miles


Designation Date:
March 30, 2009

Designating Legislation:
Public Law 111-11

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