The Great Rift lies in the Snake River Plain in south-central Idaho. Wildlife species here include antelope, mule deer, coyotes, rabbits and 22 other types of mammals. Sage grouse, mourning doves and a variety of raptors are among 140 bird species in the lava plain area too.

Visitation Information

The Great Rift consists of hundreds of thousand of acres of exposed, relatively recent lava flows. The majority of the acres within the Great Rift WSA are managed by the National Park Service. A visit to the NPS Craters of the Moon Visitor's Center near Arco, Idaho will provide a good understanding of the great Rift WSA and is recommended before venturing into the backcountry.

Visitor Advisory

The Great Rift WSA is accessible via unmaintained two track roads only. This massive WSA is composed almost entirely of rugged, exposed lava flows. Hiking can be very strenuous. Visitors should be prepared for rugged hiking in a remote backcountry setting.