Wyoming Coal Data - Coal Lease Modifications and Coal Lease Applications

The BLM maintains records of pending competitive lease and noncompetitive lease modification applications and lease sales and lease modification offers during the year. This table provides information about each individual Lease by Application (LBA) or lease modification application (LMA). The BLM will not publish its presale estimate of LBAs or LMAs. The BLM will publish the amount of bids received for an LBA but will not publish the BLM presale estimate for either an LBA or a LMA. LMA FMV will be published for a lease once the applicant accepts the BLM offer and BLM issues a decision to approve the modification. Specifically, each summary provides a short chronology of the application with information about the scoping meetings, hearings, hearing transcripts, environmental analysis, decisions, coal quantity and quality, and the results of the competitive LBA sales or noncompetitive LMA offers. Click on the link in the summary to access the published FMV information for the lease sales and lease modifications. To review the FMV determination process, please see the publically available 3073 - Coal Evaluation Handbook and Manual found on the BLM Information Resource Management websites. All documents made available to the public do not contain confidential business information, which is withheld pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act exemption 4, 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(4).

Green River-Ham's Fork LBAs

2016 - Dead Man Wash LBA WYW185637 (Received)

2004 - Pit 14 LBA WYW160394 

2003 - Haystack LBA WYW159423 (Case closed)

2001 - Ten Mile Rim LBA WYW154595

1996 - Elk Mountain Saddleback Hills LBA WYW139975

1990 - Swanson LBA WYW119606

Green-River Ham's Fork LMAs

Powder River Basin LBAs

Pending Coal LBAs in the Powder River Basin

Withdrawn or rejected LBAs in the Powder River Basin

2015 - West Antelope 3 LBA WYW184599 

    2011 - Belle Ayr West LBA WYW180238

    2011 - Antelope Ridge LBA WYW180384

    2006 - Hay Creek II LBA WYW172684 - (Application withdrawn, case closed)

    2006 - Maysdorf II LBA WYW173360 (North) and WYW180711 (South)

    2006 - West Jacobs Ranch LBA WYW172685 - (Case closed)

    2006 - West Coal Creek LBA WYW172585 Coal Creek Mine

    2006 - North Porcupine LBA WYW173408 

    2006 - South Porcupine LBA WYW176095

    2006 - Caballo West LBA WYW172657 

    2005 - South Hilight LBA WYW174596 

    2005 -  North Hilight LBA WYW164812

    2005 - West Hilight LBA WYW172388 - (Case closed)

    2005 - West Antelope II LBA WYW163340 (North) and WYW177903 (South) Antelope Mine

    2004 - Belle Ayr North LBA WYW161248 

    2001 - Maysdorf LBA WYW-154432 (North) & WYW174407 (South) 

    2001 - Little Thunder Creek LBA WYW154429 - (Case closed; application withdrawn)

    2001 - Eagle Butte West LBA WYW155132

    2000 - State Section LBA WYW149882 - (Case closed; application withdrawn)

    2000 - Belle Ayr 2000 LBA WYW151133 

    2000 - Little Thunder LBA WYW150318

    2000 - North Antelope/Rochelle North LBA WYW150210

    2000 - North Antelope/Rochelle South LBA WYW154001 

    2000 - West Antelope LBA WYW151643

    2000 - West Hay Creek LBA WYW151634 

    2000 - West Roundup LBA WYW151134 

    1998 - North Jacobs Ranch LBA WYW146744 

    1997 - Belle Ayr LBA WYW141568 - (Case closed; application rejected by BLM)

    1997 - Horse Creek LBA WYW141435 Antelope Mine

    1996 - Evergreen Enterprise LBA WYW138975 - (Case closed; application rejected by BLM)

    1995 - Thunder Cloud LBA WYW136458 

    1995 - Powder River LBA WYW136142 

      1992 - North Rochelle LBA WYW127221 

      1992 - Antelope LBA WYW128322 

        1991 - Eagle Butte LBA WYW124783

        1990 - West Rocky Butte LBA WYW122586 

        1990 - North Antelope/Rochelle LBA WYW119554 

          1989 - West Black Thunder LBA WYW118907 

          1989 - Jacobs Ranch LBA WYW117924

          Powder River Basin LMAs

          2013 - Rawhide LMA WYW83395 (Application withdrawn)

          2012 - West Antelope II South LMA WYW177903

          2012 - School Creek LMA WYW172413 

          2006 - Rawhide LMA WYW83395

          2006 - Jacobs Ranch LMA WYW146744

          2002 - North Rochelle LMA WYW71692

          1992 - Caballo LMA WYW125698

          1992 - Scoria Bay-Black Thunder LMA WYW2313

          1990 - East Black Thunder LMA WYW2313

          1987 - Wyodak LMA WYW111833

          1987 - Wyodak LMA WYW313666

          1987 - Wyodak LMA WYW 73289