Salt Wells Geothermal Power Plant


Nevada BLM has eighteen operating geothermal power plants with federal interest, for a total generating capability of nearly 500 MW and additional geothermal projects in the exploration, development and construction phases are expected to greatly increase that capacity in the near future.

Geothermal leases are for an initial 10-year period with 50 percent of the funds disbursed to the state, 25 percent is disbursed to the respective county, and 25 percent remaining in the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The BLM manages public lands for many uses, including sustainable energy development. The leased parcels undergo a detailed environmental analysis that includes three opportunities for involvement: scoping, public comment and protest periods. In addition, each lease, if issued, contains standard stipulations to protect endangered species and cultural resources and ensures that development is safe and environmentally responsible. After parcels are leased, lessees must submit site-specific proposals for additional in-depth analysis before energy development can begin.

BLM Nevada partners with the Nevada Division of Minerals, Tribal governments, and private industry to develop other geothermal resources.

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