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Join Our Team, Conserve Your Public Lands: A Rewarding Career with Prineville BLM!

Working for the Prineville District can be a rewarding experience for both field and office professionals. Our work offers a sense of purpose and fulfillment for those passionate about environmental stewardship.

The BLM prioritizes employee well-being by offering a range of benefits and promoting work-life balance. The BLM offers quality healthcare to support physical well-being, competitive retirement plans for long-term financial security, and paid sick and annual leave. Prineville promotes a diverse, inclusive, and resilient workplace, fostering a work environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally.

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Departments in the Prineville BLM

Resource Management: Manages natural resources such as vegetation, wildlife, minerals, and cultural resources. The department also oversees grazing permits, timber sales, and recreation management.

Planning and Environmental Analysis: Develops and implements land use plans, conducts environmental assessments and analyses, and ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Fire and Fuels Management: Coordinates wildland fire and fuels management efforts including wildfire suppression, hazardous fuels reduction, prescribed burning, wildfire prevention, mitigation, and post-fire rehabilitation.

Recreation: Manages recreational activities on public lands, such as camping hiking, hunting, fishing, and off-highway vehicle use. The department also oversees special use permits for events and activities on BLM-administered lands.

Realty: Oversees land acquisitions, sales, and exchanges and processes Rights of Way and other land use authorizations.

Law Enforcement: Responsible for enforcing federal laws and regulations on public lands, including preventing and investigating violations such as illegal camping, vandalism, and unauthorized use of natural resources.

Administrative Services: Provides administrative support to the district such as budget, human resources, public affairs, and procurement.

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