Douglas Point

Douglas Point

The Douglas Point Recreation Area in Charles County, Maryland offers 3 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and mountain biking. This also includes 548 acres of hardwood forest and marshes, picnicking, Potomac River shoreline, universally accessible historical interpretative walk and hunting blind.  Douglas Point is also part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail segment and water trail stop.

 This area, one of the last remaining undeveloped tracts along the Potomac River, near fast-growing Washington, DC, offers outstanding potential for recreation, wildlife habitat, and cultural resources. The Douglas Point tract contains magnificent hardwood forests. Other unique resources in the general vicinity include the site of a Civil War encampment of approximately 25,000 troops; and archeological sites, habitat for a wide variety of terrestrial and aquatic species, unique wetlands and woodlands, and the evolving ecosystems of the shipwrecks at Mallow Bay.


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