Close up of greater sagegrouse. Photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

Greater Sage-Grouse

Conserving an Icon of the American West.

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Greater Sage-Grouse are an icon of the American West, their booming mating calls at dawn form an integral element of the great sagebrush sea that covers much of its land. 

As the bird’s name suggests, it relies on this habitat to survive.  As the American West has become more and more urbanized over the last 100 years, Greater Sage-Grouse populations have declined as their habitat has been damaged or lost to development, invasive weeds and wildfire.

The BLM manages much of the best remaining sagebrush habitat for the Greater Sage-Grouse.  As part of an unprecedented effort by dozens of partners across 11 western states, it has developed land use plans to conserve this habitat.  These plans benefit not only the Greater Sage-Grouse, but some 350 other species of wildlife that rely on the sagebrush sea, and the many, many people who depend on it for their livelihoods and a source of recreation.