Honoring Chaco Initiative
Guadalupe Ruin is a single-story masonry pueblo situated on an isolated sandstone mesa rising nearly 200 feet above the valley floor.  The top of the mesa is isolated by sheer walls on all sides, with access to the top restricted to a narrow trail.  This mesatop location provides an impressive view of dissected canyons, rugged mesas, and volcanic necks along the Rio Puerco Valley.  The ruin consists of at least 39 rectangular rooms and 7 semi-subterranean kivas, two of which are stabilized and roofed for pu

In Fall 2021, Secretary Deb Haaland directed the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to conduct the Honoring Chaco Initiative. The Initiative is a regional conversation among BLM field offices, BIA, and interested Tribes, Pueblos, and other Tribal interests in the Greater Chaco area to develop a broader cultural approach to all land management decisions across the Greater Chaco Landscape. The area under consideration extends beyond the boundaries of the proposed mineral withdrawal currently underway. Learn more here.   

A report summarizing the first phase of the Honoring Chaco Initiative conducted in 2022 can be found here. Written input that will help inform the project team for the next phase of the Honoring Chaco Initiative can be sent to HonoringChaco@blm.gov.