CADR Program Goals

The CADR program strives to produce sustainable decisions by effectively engaging others in their stewardship; and working collaboratively to prevent, manage and resolve conflict at the lowest possible levels.  To do this, CADR embraces a range of activities outside of conventional planning and litigation.  For example, we may use mediation, stakeholder working groups or joint fact-finding, often with assistance from a neutral, third party.  

Learn about the four CADR strategic goals below and then download the CADR strategic plan for more information.

GOAL 1: Champion a Collaborative Culture

  • Create a shared vision and direction
  • Build BLM CADR Network
  • Integrate across programs
  • Recognize and reward efforts

GOAL 2: Create a Common Understanding

  • Develop communication plan
  • Create information Clearinghouse

GOAL 3: Build Collaborative Capacity

  • Develop and leverage workforce
  • Provide training, coaching, and mentoring
  • Provide expert, impartial assistance
  • Nurture community of practice

GOAL 4: Foster Accountability and Assess Outcomes

  • Plan and report work
  • Evaluate and adapt

CADR Strategic Plan

CADR Strategic Plan Cover

Download the CADR Strategic Plan.


"Collaboration is a process in which interested parties, often with widely varied interests, work together to seek solutions with broad support." –BLM Land Use Planning Handbook