Southwest RAC members represent a broad range of interests in three categories, with five members assigned to each category. Category 1 members represent commercial interests or users such as livestock grazing, the energy industry, off-highway vehicle groups, and commercial outfitters. Category 2 members represent environmental organizations, archaeological and historical interests, wildlife organizations, wild horse and burro advocates, and dispersed recreation. Category 3 members represent government agencies and elected officials, tribes, academic institutions, and the public at large.

We strive to balance RAC membership with a diverse representation of interests between and across categories each year. Thank you to all previous Southwest RAC members for your service to America's public lands!


Representative Interest Term End Date
 Grady Ham  Outdoor Recreation May 2026
 Roger Cesario  Outdoor Recreation May 2026
 James Dietrich  Outdoor Recreation May 2026
 Gary Crisp  Energy and Minerals January 2027
 J. Mark Roeber  Federal Grazing January 2027


Representative Interest Term End Date
 Ben Katz  Environmental  April 2025
 Jon Holst  Environmental  April 2025
 Linda Gann  Environmental May 2026
 Victoria Atkins  Archeological and Historical January 2027
 Tif Rodriguez  Wild Horse and Burro January 2027


Representative Interest Term End Date
 Matt Thorpe  Government Agency  April 2025
 Starr Jamison  Public at Large  April 2025
 Justin Musser  Public at Large May 2026
 Steve Garchar, Vice Chair  Elected Official May 2026
 Lynn Padgett, Chair  Elected Official May 2026

Southwest RAC member Tif Rodriguez brings her horse to WHB adoption information program at Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center.
Members of the Southwest RAC attend a field trip.
Southwest RAC members discuss issues on Silverton field trip in October 2023
SWRAC member and BLM field manager point during a discussion.
Southwest RAC members stop for lunch on June 2023 field trip.
Members of the Southwest RAC at Cottonwood CG, GGNCA.
Southwest RAC members hike at high elevation on an October 2023 field trip outside Silverton, CO.


D. Maggie Magee, SWRAC Coordinator