DID YOU KNOW? You can see whales from your BLM public lands!

A whale breaches.
Photo by Matt Ferguson. Near the San Juan Islands, WA, on June 7, 2014.


Coastal spots in Oregon & Washington offer visitors the unique opportunity to whale watch -- in a way that’s as thrilling as it is safe for whale populations!

The best time of year will depend on the whale species, but if you’re patient, whales can be seen on public lands year-round.

An orca comes to the surface, beside a calf.
Photo by Matt Ferguson. A mother orca with her calf.

We recommend you layer up and bring a chair, some snacks, and a reliable pair of binoculars. It’s best to avoid windy days, since the white caps on waves may be difficult to distinguish from signs of a whale -- like a spout, fin, or tail fluke!

A whale fluke shows above the water, as the humpback whale dives.
Photo by Vinny Gragg. Humpback whale fluke as he dives back into the Pacific Ocean off the San Juan Islands.

Jeanne Panfely, Public Affairs Officer

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