Fish and Wildlife

Native seed collection project lays the groundwork for habitat restoration projects in the Sonoran Desert

Story by Peter DeJongh, Wildlife Biologist; and Kate Miyamoto, Public Affairs Specialist.

BLM Wildlife Biologist Lindsey Rush studies pygmy rabbit habitat in Idaho

Story by Sara Morelli, Public Affairs Specialist (Detail), Idaho State Office. Photos by BLM Idaho.

BLM Idaho wildlife biologists use pikas as climate change indicators

Story and photos by Bruce Hallman, Public Affairs Specialist

Happy International Bat Appreciation Day from BLM Idaho

Join BLM Idaho in celebrating International Bat Appreciation Day! “Why?” you ask. When you think of bats, you may conjure up frightening images of vampires, but don’t be fooled!

BLM promotes agave restoration to support bat conservation within Las Cienegas NCA

Story by Keith Hughes, Wildlife Biologist. Photos courtesy of Bat Conservation International.