FOIA Contacts

If you wish to reach the National BLM FOIA Officer and Public Liaison, please contact:
Ryan Witt, FOIA Officer
Bureau of Land Management
Attn: FOIA Office (WO-640)
1849 C St. N.W.
Washington, DC  20240


Phone: 202-912-7562

Fax: 202-245-0050

The BLM has a FOIA Coordinator for each State Office and Center.  If you have requested records from a specific location, please contact the respective State or Center directly to check on the status of your pending request.

Office Name Phone
Alaska State Office Heidi Wanner 907-271-3559
Arizona State Office Mickey Davis 602-417-9364
California State Office Kathleen Christian 916-978-4409
Colorado State Office Laura Garcia Hinojosa 303-239-3686
Eastern States State Office Brian Smith 202-912-7768
Idaho State Office Kris King 208-373-3947
Montana/Dakotas State Office Tracy Thoricht 406-896-5224
National Interagency Fire Center Karen Jackson 208-387-5574
National Operations Center Laura Garcia Hinojosa     303-239-3686
National Training Center Maylyne Weisenburger 602-906-5572
Nevada State Office Tiffany Wilhelm 775-861-6552
New Mexico State Office Eileen Chavez 505-954-2129
Oregon/Washington State Office Diana Fisher 503-808-6435
Utah State Office Marilyn Hedrick 801-539-4071
Wyoming State Office Jennifer Litman 307-775-6180