Stafford WSA
Photo courtesy of Wilderness Institute, University of Montana.

Stafford WSA


The Safford WSA is a scenic and rugged area of steep slopes of exposed clay and soil layers with narrow ridges along the Missouri River.  The steep coulees, where slopes and soils permit, are vegetated by prairie grasses, sagebrush, and juniper.  Big game hunting and boating use along the Missouri River are the major activities here.


The best access to the Stafford WSA is by boat on the Missouri River.  There is no public access by vehicle to this WSA, unless permission to cross private property has been gained along the northern boundary of the WSA.  Starting from Winifred Montana, take the Stafford Ferry Road east for approximately 2 miles to the intersection of Stafford Ferry Road and the DY Trail.  Stay on the Stafford Ferry Road going north.  Continue north on the Stafford Ferry Road for approximately 13 miles until you arrive at the Stafford Ferry.  Here you would put a boat in on the Missouri River.  Drive your boat west, up river, for approximately 2 miles to arrive at the east end of the Stafford WSA.  The WSA is on the North Side of the Missouri River and is accessed by foot.