Little Snake Field Office Travel Management

The Little Snake Field Office began undertaking a comprehensive route inventory in 2012. We have broken down the field office into areas and are inventorying through on-the-ground observation and GIS analysis of imagery.

Little Snake Field Office Travel Management Map

Following a public input period last year, we are completing the draft Environmental Assessment for Travel Management Area 1, which includes units 2, 9 and 7.

We have released the draft route inventory for Travel Management Area 2, which consists of units 3, 4, 6 and 8. This includes the Powder Wash, Big Gulch, Seven Mile and Great Divide units. The BLM manages about 44 percent of this 846,473-acre area's surface.

Inventory Status

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Unit Number Unit Name GPS Miles Inventories
TMA 1 Travel Management Area 1 739.85
TMA 2 Travel Management Area 2 1,353.32
1 Cold Springs 209.03
2 Hiawatha n/a
3 Powder Wash n/a
4 Big Gulch n/a
5 North Routt In Progress
6 Seven Mile n/a
7 Sand Wash n/a
8 Great Divide n/a
9 Bears Ears n/a
10 Diamond Mountain 38.90
11 Browns Park 185.58
12 Douglas Mountain 125.47
13 Cross Mountain 284.67
14 Axial Basin 340.28
15 Williams Fork In Progress
16 Elk Springs 174.62
17 South Routt In Progress