Recreation Activities

On approximately 250 million acres of public lands, visitors enjoy countless types of outdoor adventure – participating in activities as widely varied as camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, boating, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, off-highway vehicle driving, mountain biking, birding and wildlife viewing, photography, climbing, all types of winter sports, and visiting natural and cultural heritage sites. 

In an increasingly urbanized West, these recreational opportunities and the settings where these activities take place are vital to the quality of life enjoyed by residents of western states, as well as national and international visitors.

The BLM offers campsites for both RV's and tents.
Recreation Camping Photo
Explore opportunities for rock climbing with nearby camp sites available.
Recreation Climbing Photo
Explore the numerous E-Bike paths
the BLM has to offer.
Recreation Ebiking Photo
Walk along BLM's various hiking paths throughout the country.
Recreation Hiking Photo
The BLM offers diverse mountain biking trails to explore.
Recreation Mountain Biking
Tour BLM's numerous trails
for Off Highway Vehicles.
Recreation OHV Photo
Learn more about rockhounding on public lands, frequently asked questions, guides, and places to go.
Elderly rounhounder shows a cool find to a fellow hiker in Afton Canyon in California's Mojave Trail National Monument.

Photo banner for My Public Lands Roadtrip 2016.

In Summer 2016, we headed out on a virtual roadtrip on BLM-managed public lands, exploring beautiful places, unique resources, and endless recreation opportunities. Explore your public lands through our interactive roadtrip map.

Regional Activities

Learn about popular recreation activities by region through the links below:

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Visit your public lands virtually through this @BLMArizona YouTube video.