Types of Plans

As a steward of the nation’s public lands and resources, the BLM has produced many land use plans over its history.

The BLM currently, through standard public engagement, develops Resource Management Plans (RMPs) that serve as land management blueprints.  

Some of these plans were produced before we adopted the RMP format, and in a limited number of cases, some of them are still being used.  These Management Framework Plans are precursors to our current RMPs. 

All of our RMPs are developed at the same time as we do a National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA analysis. As we carry out our land use plans, we will also develop a number of different NEPA products associated with land-use activities, such as minerals production or renewable energy generation and transmission. For more information on these documents, see our NEPA page.

BLM National NEPA Register

Find our Resource Management Plans, NEPA documents and supporting materials through ourBLM National NEPA Register.