Argenta Allotment

Background Information - Settlement Agreement for the Argenta Allotment 

On August 22, 2014, the BLM Battle Mountain District issued a drought decision to temporarily close nine of the 20 Grazing Use Areas on the Argenta Allotment to protect the rage during drought conditions.

Multiple appeals from the Decision were filed with the Hearings Division in the Office of Hearing and Appeals, and were docketed as follows: Julian Tomera Ranches Inc., Battle Mountain Division, Chiara Ranch, Daniel E. and Eddyann U. Filippini, and Henry Filippini, Jr. v. BLM, NV-06-14-04; Western Watersheds Project v. BLM, NV-06-14-05; and Nevada Land Action Association and Public Lands Council v. BLM, NV-06-14-06.

Under the challenged Decision, it is difficult for permittees to continue grazing on the open areas of the 330,000+ acre checker boarded allotment because there are only a few fences to keep cows out of the closed areas.

Coming into the 2015 grazing season, the Permittees and BLM initiated discussions to determine whether it would be possible to replace the temporary drought closure with a short-term grazing management strategy that prevents overgrazing – particularly in riparian areas.

The NV State Director, BM District Manager, and Permittees requested Nation Riparian Service Team (NRST) assistance in working with the various stakeholders to explore development of an alternative short-term grazing management plan that protects range resources while allowing for replacement of the temporary closures with management.

The NRST agreed to serve as a convener and neutral third party on the allotment. The NRST agreed to review the situation, provide recommendations, and facilitate discussions.

Based on site visits, discussions with all of the parties and their knowledge of the existing situations, the NRST proposed an initiated a strategy for addressing ongoing concerns regarding drought and livestock grazing on the Argenta allotment. As part of this process, the following activities were undertaken:

  • Field/Technical Tour (March 2015)
  • Stockmanship Workshop, coaching, and grazing plan development (March through May 2015)
  • Facilitated discussions in (April and May 2015), and development of an agreement framework
  • As part of this process, the NRST has highlighted the need for grazing management that addresses long-term resource objectives, and has identified opportunities for more effectively managing grazing in a manner that continues to achieve, achieves, or makes progress in achieving resource objectives as an alternative to the temporary partial closure of use areas in the Argenta Allotment.
  • The parties desire to resolve the pending administrative appeals by entering into the following agreement that will re-open the closed use areas to grazing that is consistent with the terms set forth in this agreement, so as to continue to achieve, achievers, or makes progress in achieving resource objectives.  

Purpose of Agreement 

The purpose of this Agreement is to set out the parameters for re-opening the temporarily closed Use Areas to grazing and for interim grazing management on the currently open Use Areas in the Argenta Allotment, using management techniques that are effective, feasible, and designed to achieve resource objectives. The Agreement is designed as a three-year interim management initiative that will include ongoing assistance and oversight by the NRST.

Argenta Settlement Agreement - Core Documents

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