The Film Permitting Process

Photographers and production companies should first contact a local BLM Office to determine whether a permit is needed.

Find the local BLM Office 

With the Administrative Units data layer enabled, click & zoom to the area where you plan to apply for authorization. (BLM-managed lands show in yellow-gold.) 

Find the name of the local BLM Field Office in the pop-up, along with the link to online Contact Information for that office. 


You will be asked to complete and submit an application package to the appropriate office. See "Application Elements" below/to the right.

Large productions and requests to film outside popular locations usually require an on-site pre-application conference with BLM staff.

Depending on location, time requested and type of production, the BLM may impose additional requirements such as bonding, reimbursement for overtime costs, etc. Although it may vary, the time to process an application is typically at least 30 - 60 days.  


Cars speed across Bonneville Salt Flats

For minimal-impact filming in popular locations, submit the following to the local BLM Office

  1. Form 2920-1 (Complete only p.1; the BLM will complete p.2) 

  2. Detailed Description of Filming Activity 

  3. Map of requested location(s) 

  4. Cost Recovery/Rental fee, as discussed with the local BLM film coordinator 

  5. Certificate of Insurance naming the Dept. of the Interior - BLM as Co-Insured for the amount specified by the appropriate BLM Office