Communications Sites

The BLM administers more than 1,500 communications sites on Federal public lands in the eleven Western states and Alaska. Right-of-way grants (ROWs) authorize construction and operation of more than 4,000 facilities -- ranging from radio and television transmitters to cellular and wireless broadband towers -- under regulations (43 CFR 2800) and supporting policies.

Most BLM communications sites are located at geographic elevations and have one or more facilities (towers, antennas, buildings, etc.) owned by private or governmental entities. The local BLM Field Office manages activities at each site under a resource management plan and a site-specific management plan. 

Communications Uses on Public Lands 

For new communications use projects, contact the local BLM Field Office to set up a pre-application meeting and discuss your proposed facilities. Bring as much information as possible from the Pre-Application Checklist to the meeting. The Field Office can provide examples of management plans for existing sites.

Regulations 43 CFR 2806.36(a, b & c) allow a cellular/wireless lessee to sub-lease space to other providers without additional authorization. The local Field Office can provide information on co-location opportunities in the area you are considering. The Field Office will begin processing your application once you have submitted a completed SF-299 Application for Right-of-Way

Rental Fees for Communications Uses 

The BLM rental schedule for communications-use ROWs and leases is based on the population served and the type of communications use(s) for which the ROW is granted

Regulations require holders of communications-use authorizations to submit an Inventory Certification each year by October 15 to calculate rental fees for the upcoming year. 

Additional billing information
phone: 877-947-3705 (toll free)

By mail, or to submit an Inventory Certification in hard copy 

BLM Communication Use Billing Team OC- 621
Bldg. 50 Denver Federal Center
P.O. Box 25047
Denver, CO 80225-0047