Wyoming Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Reclamation Policy

IM WY 2012-032
Instruction Memorandum

3042 (921Gamper) PMarch 27, 2012EMS TRANSMISSION: 4/2/2012Instruction Memorandum No. WY-2012-032Expires: 9/30/2013To: District Managers and Deputy State DirectorsFrom: Associate State DirectorSubject: Wyoming Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Reclamation PolicyProgram Areas: All Surface Disturbing Activities.Purpose: Implement the Wyoming Reclamation PolicyPolicy/Action: In order to ensure a consistent and science-based approach to reclamation, thisInstruction Memorandum (IM) identifies ten reclamation requirements (see Attachments) that must be addressed when developing reclamation proposals for all surface disturbing activities. Addressing these ten requirements will help achieve both short and long-term reclamation success for site stabilization and eventual ecosystem reconstruction. The Wyoming Reclamation Policy was previously issued under IM No. WY-2009-022 which expired on September 30, 2010. This IM replaces IM No. WY-2009-022.Background: Successful reclamation efforts are critical in maintaining an effective multiple-use land management program. Nearly all authorizations for surface disturbing actions are based upon the assumption that an area can and ultimately will be successfully reclaimed. Those seeking approval to conduct surface disturbing activities on Public Lands must include reclamation planning as part of their permit process and the BLM must make this requirement clear early in the permitting process. This IM applies to all BLM authorized actions including those initiated by the BLM.Timeframe: Effective immediately.Budget Impact: Savings to Project funds in the long-term.Manual/Handbook Sections Affected: This IM will be supported with more detailed guidanceincluding new reclamation bond standards and a statewide monitoring and reporting strategy.Specific reclamation information, sample templates for both reclamation and weed managementplans, and other technical guidance is posted on the Wyoming Reclamation website.Coordination: The coordination and review of the Wyoming Reclamation Policy has beencompleted with the WY BLM Reclamation Team: Brenda Neuman, Mining Engineer, WSO; Ken Henke, Natural Resource Specialist, WSO; Adrienne Pilmanis, Botanist, WSO; Travis Bargsten, Physical Scientist, WSO; and Merry Gamper, Physical Scientist, WSO Lead. Other non-Wyoming BLM specialists, WO-310, the Wyoming Governor’s Office (for review by all appropriate State Agencies), the University of Wyoming, some local Governments, and numerous interested reclamation professionals in private industry statewide.Contact: Merry Gamper at 307-775-6272, and by e-mail at MGamper@BLM.gov.Signed By: Ruth Welch, Associate State DirectorAuthenticated By: Sherry Dixon, Secretary2 Attachments1 - Wyoming BLM Reclamation Policy (6 pp)2 - Wyoming BLM Oil and Gas Reclamation Plan Template (4 pp)DistributionDirector (200), Rm. 5644, MIB 1 1 (w/o atch)Director (300), Rm. 5625, MIB 1 1 (w/o atch)Field Managers 1 (w/atch)CF 1 (w/atch)