Science for Decision-Making

Being a science-informed agency means striving to consistently apply the latest, best-available science and scientific information to assessments, monitoring, planning, permitting and implementation. Science-informed decisions are durable, and they increase confidence in the outcomes projected in land use planning. In this way science is foundational to transparency and trust. 

For the BLM, science is especially valuable in monitoring indicators like vegetation cover, soil and water quality, the functioning of wildlife habitat, and the effects of wildfire to ensure we are meeting the desired conditions identified in the resource management plan for a particular area. 

Employees with nets standing in a river.

The BLM's Advancing Science Strategy focuses our efforts to integrate science into decision-making and core work processes, and to ensure that relevant, timely scientific information is accessible to BLM staff and managers. 

Loading an adult skull into a truck bed at an archaeological dig.