BLM honors two law enforcement professionals during Police Week

During Police Week 2024 in our nation’s Capitol, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) acknowledged the extraordinary achievements of two Bureau law enforcement professionals—recognizing Special Agent of the Year Carson Harris and Ranger of the Year Ramond Huffman for their outstanding work in 2023.

Five people stand on top of a building with the Washington Monument in the background.
Left to right: Special Agent of the Year Carson Harris, BLM Law Enforcement Director Jason O'Neal, BLM Deputy Director Michael Nedd, BLM Director Tracy Stone-Manning, and Ranger of the Year Ramond Huffman.

In 2023 Special Agent of the Year Carson Harris played a key role in a Bureau of Reclamation case involving damage to the 154,400-kilowatt hydro-energy Carr Powerhouse. Agent Harris’s quick response and efficient use of the right investigative tools removed a threat to regional energy infrastructure, alleviating broader concerns of a larger threat to the national power grid. He also investigated the Lewiston Timber Theft, involving the illegal cutting of large amounts of timber on BLM and adjacent private lands and causing significant damage to soil and access gates. Agent Harris obtained a search warrant for a location of interest, subsequently arresting several subjects for theft, explosives and pipe bombs. The pride he displays in his work and the BLM is evident in everything he does. He truly supports the multiple-use mission of the BLM by enforcing laws and regulations that maintain public safety and protect resources on America’s public lands. Agent Harris is an example of investigative excellence and law enforcement professionalism.

In 2023, Ranger Ramond Huffman’s law enforcement patrols, investigative casework, community involvement, close partnerships with law enforcement partners, and his willingness to always go above and beyond resulted in several successful criminal prosecutions and close relationships with the local communities he serves. He has made a name for himself by doggedly pursuing resource-related crimes, is widely known as a subject matter expert in investigating the theft of timber and special forest products from BLM lands and has several of the largest-known special forest product seizures in Oregon. Whether it’s outstanding case work, wide-ranging outreach and community engagement, or supporting staff needs and dedication to public safety, Ranger Huffman demonstrates an unwavering commitment to being an extraordinary law enforcement professional. 

Megan Crandall, Supervisory Public Affairs Specialist

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