The Macum Energy 34-26 well, a vertical wildcat oil well in Garfield County, MT., was approved in June 2000 to test the Tyler formation, which is a total depth of 5,705'
BLM photo from before the well construction phase. Garfield County, Montana.
  • The Macum Energy 34-26 well, a vertical wildcat oil well in Garfield County, MT., was approved in June 2000 to test the Tyler formation, which is a total depth of 5,705'.


Well during construction
BLM photo from during the construction phase. Garfield County, Montana.
  • Road and Pad construction commenced in June 2000.  
    • Improved an existing 2-track road by blading and applied gravel in low spots; constructed 1 mile new access road, installed a low water crossing using rock and gravel on private surface.   
  • The  185' x 255'  well pad, on BLM surface, was located at the toe of two hills sides, with a cut of 28' & 15' of fill.
  • Drilled November 2000.  


Well after construction
BLM photo following the construction phase displays the successful reclamation. Garfield County, Montana.
  • Well was a dry hole and was plugged on June 2005.
  • Reclamation included removing the new road construction (BLM surface only), contouring the well pad, spreading topsoil, installing water bars, and seeding on both the pad and access road.  
    • Recontoured areas and ripped to a depth of 12" prior to topsoil spread.
    • Seeded across contour with a 6' drill row.  Seed deep 1/2' to 3/4' with a BLM native grass mix.
    • Fenced to deter cattle and wildlife to enable vegetative establishment. 
    • When the BLM approved the  Final Abandonment (FAN) on October 2006, the disturbed areas were stabilized, all water erosion controlled, and vegetative cover exceeded the 60% requirement.