Johnny Behind the Rocks

The Johnny Behind the Rocks Trail System provides mountain bikers with a high desert experiences in a compact area. The trails within this network are flowing in nature with a hard-packed surface and fine grain soils. Most of the system is located on routes that climb to and traverse long and scenic ridgelines. The Wind River mountain range is visible on the western side of the system.

The trails meander through typical Wyoming Basin terrain that ranges from clusters of juniper woodlands and open sagebrush meadows. Although open year-round, visitors wishing to ride on dirt rather than snow are usually restricted from mid-March to the end of November.

Trails are often effectively closed during the spring thaw in early March due to extremely muddy conditions on some portions of the trail with high clay content.

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BLM Mountain Biking: Johnny Behind the Rocks Trail System in Wyoming

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Geographic Coordinates

42.695622, -108.544549


Directions: Drive South on State Highway 287. Turn left at the junction continuing eastward on Hwy 287. Cross Little Popo Agie River and Twin Creek. Upon crossing Twin Creek you will pass a red cliff band on the left as well as a red stone barn on the right. Turn left into the white gravel parking area marked by a green gate.