Fish And Owl Canyons

Fish and Owl Creeks both cut diagonally across the eastern edge of Cedar Mesa, coming together several miles before they enter Comb Wash. They are both deep canyons, quite narrow, with an abundance of scenic beauty. Erosion from Fish and Owl Creeks have created canyons that differ from the other canyon systems on Cedar Mesa by their depth, the narrowness of the canyons, and their pools of water in the spring to fall months.

There are no maintained trails in these canyons, so an accurate map is essential. Stone cairns are often unreliable as they are easily knocked down and moved. The recommended route is a loop which enters Owl Canyon and exits from Fish Canyon. The main loop is approximately 17 miles long and three days is recommended to do this hike. A permit to hike or backpack is required.

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Canyon Country District: Fish & Owl Canyons


Geographic Coordinates

37.474487, -109.818298


The road access to the trailhead is one mile south of Kane Gulch Ranger Station on Route 261. Turn east and drive approximately five miles on a dirt road to an old drill hole site which is the parking area. This road is passable to passenger vehicles during good weather.