Castner Glacier Trail

Winter access is on the southeast side of the bridge. In winter months a user created route is sometimes present traveling up the creek bed to the glacier terminus. Winter parking is usually available within the Richardson Highway right of way on the southwest side of the bridge and is signed and maintained by Alaska Department of Transportation.

After heavy snows or inclement weather, parking may not be available and a defined route to the glacier terminus may not be present. In summer months an unimproved road parallels the north side of Castner Creek traveling easterly for approximately 1/2 mile. Where the road terminates there is a foot path which travels another 1/2 mile towards the glacier terminus. Neither the winter or summer access routes are maintained or marked. This area has complex environmental and topographical challenges. Extreme winds, fast changing water levels, active glaciers, and rockfalls all present hazards. Be prepared for changing weather conditions. Familiarity with backcountry travel is highly recommended if leaving the Richardson Highway corridor. 

Commercial use of public lands for business or financial gain requires a Special Recreation Permit (SRP). Failure to obtain a SRP prior to conducting commercial activities may subject the company, tour operator, guide, or representative to fines and future use limitations.  

BLM-managed portions of the Castner glacier are closed to the use of snowmachines from 10/15 – 5/15.  

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Glenallen FIeld Office
Milepost 217.3 Richardson Highway
Delta Junction

Geographic Coordinates

63.403905, -145.735499


Access at milepost 217.3 on the Richardson Highway (AK-4) on the east side.


No fee for individual recreational use. Commercial use by businesses, guides, or tour companies requires a Special Recreation Permit in advance of proposed use.