Utah Rare Plants

A large number of rare or sensitive plant depend upon BLM-administered lands in Utah. In addition to 22 plant species protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), there are 105 sensitive plant species (including two species proposed for listing under the ESA) included on the BLM Utah State Director’s special status species list for BLM-administered lands (IM 2019-005). These species are not federally protected under the ESA but warrant special attention and management to keep them from becoming listed in the future. In some cases, the public lands offer the best hope for recovery of species threatened by encroaching urban or agricultural development.  

BLM Utah works with its partners like the US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA US Forest Service, the Utah Department of Natural Resources, universities, non-profits, and native plant partnerships to conserve and recover both federally listed and non-listed special status plant species. 

Cycladenia jonesii in Utah
Jones Cycladenia (Cycladenia jonesii). Photo by Aaron Roe.
Sclerocactus wrightiae in Utah
Wright's fishhook cactus (Sclerocactus wrightiae). Photo by Aaron Roe.